IB Chimera

Next-Generation Genomic Interpretation

Chimera is a tertiary analysis system fully integrated with Phoenix and Empyrica.

Using Chimera, one can quickly identify variants of interest, mark them for clinical reporting and/or research purpose, generate reports and export data for further research.

For diagnosis of Mendelian disorders, Chimera can discover relevant pathogenic variants quickly using its proprietary machine learning-based ranking algo to prioritize candidate genes using phenotypes as input.

Feature highlight

  • Fast Annotation (WES samples takes only seconds to complete)
  • Broad set of reference databases, periodically updated
  • Algo guided filtering / Phenotype-driven candidate gene prioritization
  • Integrated alignments (BAM) viewing
  • Presets for optimized workflow
  • Reporting and report templates
  • Curatable, searchable results for clinical review and research (marking, scoring, commenting)