IB Empyrica

Secondary Analysis and HPC platform

Empyrica powers the secondary analysis phase of sequencing data.

Specifically, it involves taking FASTQ raw sequencing data as input, applies a series of processing steps, which includes: quality control (QC), mapping, alignment and variant calling, finally producing a set of output which includes VCF, genomic VCF (gVCF), plus other useful information such as copy number variation (CNV) and structural variants (SV).

By utilizing the elastic and distributed nature of cloud computing, Empyrica gives you the full power of a traditional High-Performance Computing (HPC) cluster setup, at a fraction of the cost. Its highly optimized pipelines achieves a throughput gain of 8x - 100x against a typical local setup.

What’s more, the Empyrica HPC system provides a complete Linux shell that is fully accessible by the user, suitable for custom experiments and cutting-edge research.